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Select insure have the best claims specialists in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane; delivers cost-effective and compliant claims handling in the Australian Insurance Policy. We have substantial experience across all classes of insurance, including liability, property, accident & health, financial lines and employee compensation programs.

Claims Specialist in Adelaide, Brisbane

Australia, has such a large and diverse distribution of ethnic groups in the business community. So, for example, while we have some Asian clients from the suburbs of Eastwood, we have large proportion of clients who are born overseas, with non-English speaking backgrounds in the neighbouring suburbs of Auburn, Fairfield, Liverpool, and Bankstown.

Select Insurance – AR of Community Broker Network have specialised in providing services to a rich mix of restauranteurs, cultural event holders, entertainment providers, retail shops and grocery stores. Our competitive prices and specialised insurance advice has something to offer for everyone in every community. Our proximity to the business hubs of the country makes us extremely approachable.

We believe that strong communities are made up of people who work together and support each other with trust and thus, empower each member of the community. Communities that are interactive by themselves aid creative use of resources, and can support professional development for community organisations.

We have advised insurance for several cultural groups and associations for various cultural and traditional events held across Australia. We are proud of our ability to service the diverse, multicultural community that calls Australia home, with several migrant upstarts coming from a non-English speaking background. The top ethnic groups we have serviced so far include Indian businesses from ethnic groups like Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Muslim, Hindi, Chinese businesses, Korean businesses, Philippino businesses, Pakistani businesses, Srilankan businesses, Cambodian businesses, Thai businesses, Korean businesses, Japanese businesses, Vietnamese businesses, Singaporean businesses, Turkish businesses, Bangladeshi businesses, Australian businesses, Kiwi businesses, Russian businesses, European businesses, French businesses, Indonesian businesses, Iranian businesses, Afghani businesses amongst many others.

With over more than 2000 businesses that we have serviced, our client network has crossed several ethnic groups and localities. Our very helpful and friendly, multi-cultured staff are ready to serve your business and understand your needs because we belong to the same community, our extended family. Call us today to see how we can help you.

For more information about Business Insurance, call Select Insure on 1800 883 007

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