Business Insurance

Business Insurance for Retail, Trade, Hospitality, Professional Service, Manufacturing, Public Liability Insurance, etc.

Types of Business Insurance Policies

('Essential' and 'worth-considering' are just a guide. Make your own assessment based on your needs.)

Essential policies

Cover against

Professional indemnity

If you supply advice you can be sued for financial loss due to errors or omissions. The cover should stay in force even after you give the advice, if you retire etc. Examples of professionals are: architects, designers, education workers, real estate agents, health workers and consultants. Extended cover is 'run-off cover'.

Personal accident, illness or disability

Your inability to work and loss of income. Unless you are an employee of a proprietary limited company, WorkSafe Injury Insurance won't cover you.

Workers Compensation Insurance or WorkSafe Injury Insurance

Claims from the death, injury or illness of employees arising from their employment. Includes legal costs. This insurance is compulsory.

Fire and perils

Damage to buildings or contents by fire, lightning, explosion, malicious damage, earthquakes, storm and water. Most fire and perils policies don't cover you for flood damage caused by overflowing watercourses e.g. rivers.


Theft involving violent, forcible entry, loss or damage to stock, goods held in trust and all contents for which you are responsible within the premises. Does not normally cover theft by employees or others entitled to be on the premises.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance or Engineering equipment

Some plant has to be inspected every year and certified. Usually comes with engineering policy, with cover for equipment risks like breakdown and explosion.

General property

Loss of tools of trade or profession, stock in trade and office contents, whether they are at or away from the premises.

Goods in transit

Loss or damage to your property while in transit, either within Australia or overseas. This can also include laptops used in your business.

Products liability

Claims of goods causing injury or damage. If you sell, supply or deliver goods, even if you repair goods or supply them as a service.

Third parties suing you for personal injury or property damage they sustain while on your property if you're negligent.

Worth considering

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