Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance offered by Select insurance gives you cover for damage or loss, if it is caused by theft, attempt of theft, crash, mischievous damage, fire, and natural disaster such as storm, flood, hail etc.

Select insurance provides you cover for your vehicle as well as property and vehicles of other’s. If you think your newly purchased car is complete loss in very first year, we may exchange it with new one and pay your on-road price as well. If you use one of our particularly elected repairers when you make a claim, we’ll give you a guarantee on their repairs


  1. Lock and key replacement if stolen

  2. Coverage of valuables in your car if they’re damaged in an accident

  3. Help with renovate cost to your trailer or caravan if attached to your car in an accident

  4. Protection against harm to your vehicle when it’s being transported

Select insurance put forward comprehensive car insurance with an enormous series of profit and features so that you can experience healthier protection. So earlier than you sign up or renovate with someone else, just be assured that – do they propose all this?

  • Replace your old car with new one within 2 years.
  • The longer you maintain your plan with select, the larger credit - up to 20%.
  • Cover up to $20 million for lawful liability of damage made to other’s property by your car.
  • Option of repairer and lifetime guarantee on repairs that we approve.
  • Option of annual payment or monthly(higher premium applies).

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