3rd Party Car Insurance

This type of insurance does not protect you and your vehicle. It covers your legal liability for the damage you made to a third party only by an accident - physical injury, casualty and damage to third party property –during the use of your car or motor vehicle.

A minor accident can be cause for major liability and you might have to lose it from your pocket. We wish, you never have an accident but if it happens, this insurance policy will cover the financial damage to other’s property made by you through accident.

  1. Cover up to $20 million for legal accountabilities caused by at-fault accident.

  2. Limited cover while your car is damaged by another car.

  3. Roadside Assistance, an additional benefit to support with batteries, breakdowns and flat tires.

Damage to vehicles or property of other people

Be calm, select insurance will cover you up to $20 million if damage is done to someone else’s vehicles or property by your vehicle

Damage by uninsured drivers

Yu will get cover up to $5000 for damage made to your vehicle by the fault of an uninsured driver.


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